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Redefine Modern Living

Instant Privacy Film For Windows


Smart Film expands and brightens spaces while ensuring privacy.

Experience Luxury

Our advanced Liquid Crystal technology changes glass from transparent to opaque with a simple switch. Ideal for those who value privacy and natural light, it offers an efficient and stylish alternative to traditional window treatments.

Driven by

Industries We Service

From cozy homes to bustling offices, Smart Shade Film adapts to every need. Discover how our film revolutionizes spaces across diverse applications.

Eco Friendly Innovation

Embrace a greener lifestyle with SmartShade PDLC Film. Our technology not only promises privacy and control but also contributes to a sustainable future.

Easy Installation

Make The Smart Switch Today

Elevate your space with the innovative solution trusted by homeowners and businesses alike. Request your estimate now and join the revolution in window technology.

Instant Privacy

Switch from transparent to opaque instantly.

Energy Savings

Cut cost with natural light and cooler temperatures.

UV Protection

Safeguard your space from sun damage.


Ditch your dusty blinds. Smart Shade Film transforms any window into smart glass, delivering instant privacy, UV protection, energy savings, and modern style.

How The Magic Happens

Off State:

In its default state, Smart Shade Film is opaque without an electric current. The film creates a frosted look for privacy by scattering light.

On State:

When an electric current is applied, Smart Shade Film becomes transparent. The alignment of molecules allows light to pass through, making the glass clear.

Easily integrate Smart Shade Film with your existing smart home systems. Automate your privacy settings effortlessly.

Seamless Home Integration

How To Order

Tell us more about your project and ask us questions.


Once we have the specifics of your project, we will send you a quote. Smart Shade Film prices start from $35 + USD per square foot.


After your order is custom-made, we will ship it to you. This typically takes 3 weeks. 


Smart Film is easy to install, and we provide detailed video instructions for smooth installation. Installation is available in Boise, Idaho, and for larger custom projects.



Health Care





Environmental Protection

Many Control Methods



Space Partition

Projection Screen

Cooling and UV Protection

Committed to your satisfaction

  • Extended Warranty: A comprehensive 10-year warranty that underscores our confidence in SmartShade's durability.

  • Support Team: Access to a dedicated team ready to assist with any queries or support needs.

  • Installation Guidance: Expert advice and resources to ensure seamless integration into your spaces.

Answers At Your Fingertips

Got questions? We've compiled answers to some of the most common queries about SmartShade Film, from installation to operation and maintenance.

Happy Customers

What they’re saying

Smart Shade Film is a game-changer. As an interior designer, it lets me merge functionality with style effortlessly. Switching from transparent to opaque with a click offers a perfect solution for privacy and light control. My clients love it, and its sleek, modern look enhances any contemporary design.

- Catherine S., Interior Designer

As an architect, finding innovative solutions that enhance both functionality and design is crucial. SmartShade Film  offers seamless privacy control allowing for flexible space usage without compromising aesthetics. The sleek, modern look integrates perfectly with contemporary designs, and clients appreciate the added benefit of energy savings. 
- David B., Architect

Living in a bustling neighborhood has its perks, but privacy was always a concern until we installed SmartShade Film. Now, with a flip of a switch, we enjoy sunlight without sacrificing privacy. It’s the best of both worlds. Plus, it has reduced our energy bills by keeping our home cooler on hot days. SmartShade Film is more than a window film; it’s a lifestyle upgrade.

— Selena R., East C Homeowner

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